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ZappBug Oven 2™

Price: $349.99

The ZappBug Oven 2™  is a bed bug treatment that uses a heating system to exterminate bed bugs. The ZappBug Oven 2™  is our new and improved version of our popular ZappBug Oven™ . You can immediately start treatment with our all natural bed bug heating system. There is no need to pretreat infested items with bed bug sprays, powders, or other harmful pesticides. The ZappBug Oven 2™  kills 100% of all bed bugs, in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults as a non-toxic and all natural bed bug killer.

The temperature range of the ZappBug Oven 2™ is between 120 F and 155 F, which will kill all bed bugs and is safe for most belongings:

  • clothes
  • bedding
  • shoes
  • books
  • files
  • papers
  • electronics
  • luggage
  • and most other household items

If you travel, prevent bed bugs from entering your home by heat treating your luggage (up to 38″ wide) and killing any bed bugs that may have tagged along.

Independently Tested and Verified

According to independent testing by i2LResearch USA, Inc ”…the ZappBug Oven successfully provided complete mortality of all bed bugs in all life stages.” Read the full report here.