A plan to help low-income households get rid of bed bugs!

Bed bug infestations affect people in all social classes. However, low-income households find it particularly difficult to get rid of bed bugs. Recovering from a bedbug infestation takes time and money and one community in Canada (Sarnia-Lambton) is pitching in to help get rid of bed bugs.

Politicians in Sarnia-Lambton are putting together a plan that will help individuals in the community as well as institutions. In a press release the local council states that they have received several complaints about bed bugs from low-income households and that there have even been infestations in local nursing homes.

The program will be kicking off with a community forum addressing best practices for getting rid of bed bugs.  After that, the council hopes to follow up by providing financial assistance to low-income households with bed bug infestations.

We think this is a great plan because bed bugs are a problem for the entire community.  Even if you have the resources to get rid of bed bugs on your own, the care provider who takes care of your parents might not.

Here at Zappbug this story has really struck a cord and we are going to look into helping low-income households get rid of bed bugs…we are also interested in helping Sarnia-Lambton get a hold of the new ZappBug Oven.


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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I am a single mom and on a fixed income got in contact with bed bugs absolutely disgusting I want them gone but can’t afford the cost thousands of dollars any organizations in AZ that help with these issues please let me know.

  2. Chritina young
    Chritina young says:

    I got bedbugs in my house and I am on disability and I can’t afford exterminator 2 get rid of them and I have a child my zip code is 61074 and if u know where i could get help with this problem please help

  3. Krissy
    Krissy says:

    I work for a Home Health Care Agency in multiple counties in NC. I am looking for assistance at the moment for someone in Lincoln, Gaston County, NC. Any suggestions? I’ve exhausted all that I have.

  4. Linda Katsibubas
    Linda Katsibubas says:

    I am disabled and have no income I live in Orland Pak ILLINOIS. My mom is elderly. We desperately need a Exterminator service. We have a mouse in our storage space in our basement.We are frightened to be in our house with a mouse. I am having panic attacks. Please can someone call my cell at 773584298. We need a Exterminator NOW. Tomorrow. ASAP Free NO CHARGE EXTERMINATOR. I am we are afraid in our own home. Disabled and Elderly.

  5. Christina Godbout
    Christina Godbout says:

    I also wish that my city had a program to help us with the bedbugs we are loaded with them we live in Plainfield Connecticut if anyone knows a program in Connecticut near Plainfield that can help us with the finances to exterminate the house please reply back and thank you .

    • cathy young
      cathy young says:

      I live in 15012 zipcode …I am burdened with bed bugs and I am disabled. Does anyone know where or who I can get help cleaning and taking out garbage (things like mattress, box springs, chairs,etc(from my home? I will pay! Do you know of garbage disposal people who will come and haul away things I don’t want? Please email me at email above. Thanks.

  6. barbara graham
    barbara graham says:

    I have a dialysis patient that transport is refusing to transport they say do to Medicaid guidelines. Larry cannot afford the cost of spraying his home is there any help available.

  7. Kristan
    Kristan says:

    I think that’s amazing what you guys are trying to do. I wish my city would do the same. the infestation in my home has gotten so bad. I cant afford to move or get a exterminator until income tax time. The longer you wait the worse it get. Ive tried everything affordable to me . But with four children and taking care of them by myself has made this problem a horror nightmare. If yu guys know of any p[ograms that could help benefit my family please respond back. I stay in Ohio.

    • Rose
      Rose says:

      Hi Kristan,

      While we don’t know specifically of any programs there is a list of them at this link that may be able to help you. It has resources for people fighting bed bugs in Ohio. I hope that helps!


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