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ZappBug on TV

Recently our CEO Cameron Wheeler and I were interviewed by Seattle TV news station, KOMO news.  A big thank you to reporter Lindsay Cohen who tracked us down for the interview.  We had a blast. The one thing we would add to the interview is that ZappBug is not just about bed bug ovens.  We […]

Proposed Bed Bug Legislation in Chicago

Recently Chicago gained the dubious distinction of the number one bed bug city in the US. They aren’t taking it lying down. Local aldermen are planning to introduce legislation that will declare bed bugs a public nuisance.  Landlords would be required to hire professional exterminators to eliminate  infestations. If the landlord does not comply, he […]

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Itchy red spots?  Could it be…BED BUGS? You wake up and notice itchy little red bumps.  What are they?  A skin rash? Or—sense of mounting dread—could it be bites from bed bugs? Unfortunately, there is no way to tell for sure without additional evidence, such as seeing a bed bug or bed bug fecal matter. […]