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High Schools Infested with Bed Bugs

It’s back to school season and bed bugs are once again plaguing America’s schools. Across the country multiple schools opened recently and within weeks began reporting bed bug sightings, from the minor to enough of a problem to temporarily shut down classrooms. One high school found bed bugs living in a specialized classroom designed to […]

Courthouse Infested with Bed Bugs

A courthouse in Providence, Rhode Island was recently discovered to have a bed bug infestation that was harder to treat then officials initially thought. The Garrahy Judicial Complex was first discovered to have bed bugs in mid-September. After treatment and inspection, bugs were discovered again on September 24th. The first reports of the infestation downplayed […]

Landlord Ordered by Court to Fight Bed Bugs

A landlord whose apartments were described by a judge as having abhorrent living conditions was ordered to deal with multiple bed bug infestations recently. In all eight of the landlords buildings were put under a receiver responsible for bringing them up to code; of those, seven had bed bug infestations. The fact that so many […]

Kansas City Fights Bed Bugs

Kansas City has had a number of high profile bed bug infestations recently. In September 2018 a library location had to be shut down after librarians noticed bed bugs on a book returned to them. After this they realized that bed bugs were present on the furniture of the library itself. While public buildings often […]

College Library Infested with Bed Bugs

When you think of bed bugs in universities you would normally picture a dorm room or apartment. But bed bugs can be found anywhere on campus, and as Colorado State University recently found out the library is an ideal place for bed bugs to live. The bugs were found in a section of the library […]

Public Transportation System Faces Bed Bugs

Public transportation officials frequently have to deal with the problem of bed bugs. Officials with the SEPTA system in Philadelphia recently learned that the hard way when a video of bed bugs crawling across bus seats went viral. The video was taken by a local woman who had placed her arm down on the seat […]

First Responders Fight Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are increasingly becoming a problem for first responders like firefighters and the police. Because they interact with a diverse cross-section of the population and frequently have to enter the public’s homes as the nations number of bed bug infestations increases so too do the incidents of first responders picking up bed bugs. It’s […]

Bed Bugs in Hospital Rooms

Going to the hospital is already a stressful proposition, and it can be even worse when you find out that you’ve been exposed to bed bugs there. For a mother in Arizona in June, 2018 it was even worse: after finding bed bugs in her daughters ICU room they were moved to another one where […]

Nursing Home Infested with Bed Bugs

The staff of a central Virginia nursing home recently went to the media after discovering that it was infested with bed bugs. The staff grew concerned for the safety of their patients and the families of their patients, and the lack success with current treatment options. According to workers, although there had been several visits […]

Government Office Infested with Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest almost anywhere – homes, apartments, hotels, even movie theatres – but add a new place to that list: offices. Earlier this month government workers in Fort Worth, TX found their office infested with bed bugs. In an ironic twist the office was set up to deal with emergency support such as […]