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Boy Wins Lawsuit over Bed Bugs in Ireland

An infestation of bed bugs in Ireland led to a 12-year old boy winning a €5,053 judgement recently after a family holiday left him covered in bites. The lawsuit was filed against a travel booking company as well as the owners of the rental home in County Clare. In this case, the boy reacted negatively […]

Bed Bugs on the Subway Alarm Chicago

If you ride public transit frequently this is probably your nightmare: a bag full of bed bugs, left sitting in a train car in Chicago. Even if you don’t take transit the sight of a bag teeming with bugs is horrifying. But was this really bed bugs on the subway? Looking at the video it’s […]

Bed Bug Anxiety

None of us want bed bugs, and we all want to do our best to avoid them. But what is the appropriate level of bed bug anxiety? Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at our life and assess whether we’re living cautiously or driving ourselves insane. A good example of an […]

Super Bed Bugs Discovered in Florida

Researchers in Florida are very concerned about the return of super bed bugs – those that are 100% immune to being killed by insecticides. Only one super bed bug has been discovered so far, and until more are confirmed we wouldn’t panic, but this news is not the best way to ring in 2017. The […]

Bed Bug Awareness Increases

Lately, we’ve seen a lot more discussion about bed bug awareness among the general public. If you’re a regular on our site you may already know that bed bugs were almost completely wiped out in the western world after heavy DDT use. For years, bed bugs were essentially a thing of myth – “Don’t let the […]

ZappBug News – November 2016

Hello all! It’s been awhile since you last heard from us but we have a lot of exciting ZappBug news that we’d like to share with you. Our new Heat Chamber Pro premiered at PestWorld 2016 here in Seattle. We’re very happy to announce our new unit, featuring a touchscreen display with customizable temperature settings, patent-pending […]

Pheromones Found in Bed Bug Skins

New research out of UC Riverside has revealed that pheromones present in bed bug skins are responsible for attracting other bed bugs. The scientists studying bed bugs to learn more about their use of pheromones found four compounds in their shed skins that lead to the strong, sweet smell associated with bed bugs (and used […]