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Bed Bugs Favorite Color

New Study Reveals Bed Bugs Favorite Color Who would  have thought that bed bugs have a favorite color – red. Intriguing new research published this month in the Medical Journal of Entomology suggests that bed bugs prefer certain colors strongly over others. The study was designed around bed bugs practice of seeking hiding places: they […]

Thick Skin Protects Bed Bugs

New Study Shows Bed Bugs Evolving Thicker Skin We’ve been writing about bed bugs increasing resistance to pesticides since ZappBug was founded, and this week yet another study has been released showing one way that they’re evolving to survive chemical treatments.  By comparing populations of pesticide resistant bed bugs with those who are still susceptible […]

Man sets rental car on fire

There have been a lot of alarming news reports this week of fires caused by attempted DIY bed bug treatment. The most high profile of these was the story of Scott Kemery, a Long Island, NY man sets rental car on fire trying to rid it of bed bugs by dowsing them in alcohol ended in […]

Northeastern Exterminating Interview

Recently ZappBug was contacted by James at Northeastern Exterminating for an interview. They’re based in Brooklyn, New York and have a blog that provides information on bed bug focused pest control. Alongside informational posts they frequently interview other pest control professionals as well as customers of theirs. We were really excited that they reached out to […]

New Study Shows Bed Bugs can Transmit Disease

Parasitic Disease Carried by Bed Bugs The moment anyone with bed bug experience has come to fear is here: we have proof that bed bugs can be carriers of disease. University of Pennsylvania Medicine researchers and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics recently published a study showing that bed bugs are able to transmit […]

Frequently Asked ZappBug Questions

Questions and Answers Hello all! We hope you’re having a happy, bed bug-free summer. We’ve gone through our customer emails to find questions we get asked a lot and made the following FAQ as a helpful resource for anything you might need to know after browsing our website. All questions have been edited to remove any names […]

Does Cold Kill Bed Bugs?

Lower Temperatures Required A new study has revealed that the temperatures needed to kill bed bugs in all life stages are much lower than previously thought. The study, published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, found that the bed bugs needed to be kept at temperatures below 3.2F for over 80 hours before they would […]