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Bed Bugs Bite China

Bed Bugs in Hong Kong In a recent article by JS Lam he reminisces about the process of ridding Hong Kong of bed bugs in the 1950s. A sanitation crew sent by the Urban Services Department would fill large tubs with pesticides, colloquially referred to by the locals as “stinky water,” and then treat the […]

Bed Bug Pics

Identifying Bed bugs Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped insects with two antennae and six legs (three on each side). Their legs bend forward, although in pictures they often appear to have curled up legs as this occurs once they die.  Bed bugs color will vary depending on whether they have fed or not; they will […]

Tenants Sue Landlord over Bed Bug Infestation

Legal Dispute over Bed Bugs After a lengthy bed bug infestation twenty-one tenants are suing their landlord in Concord, California. Residents have long complained that the apartment building was infested with bed bugs, along with a host of other pests and utility problems. However, little has been done by their local government to help them. Despite […]

Bed Bug Reports Show Heat Treatment Effective

Decreased Power of Pesticides A 2011 bed bug report by Ohio State University has troubling news about bed bug’s increasing resistance to conventional pesticides. Genetic testing has revealed that bed bugs are increasingly generating high levels of enzymes that allow them to purge pesticides from their bodies. As a result,  they are able to withstand pesticide levels […]

Bed Bugs in Princeton Dormitory

Bed Bug Dorm Infestation A recent bed bug infestation at Princeton University shows just how resilient bed bugs can be. A quad suite in the student dorms has been treated twice in the last month after bed bugs survived the first treatment. In both instances the students were temporarily relocated to other dorm rooms while the […]