Bed Bug Proof Furniture

Bed Bug Proof Furniture

Bed Bug Proof Furniture

While no furniture is completely bed bug proof (bed bugs can lay eggs on any surface), smooth plastic surfaces and metal legs make it almost impossible for bed bugs to climb or hide in your furniture.  These pieces of furniture are also easy to clean and if you stick to white or metal surfaces, it will be easy to spot bed bugs.

Below are a few items that we recommend.  If you are looking for bed bugs proof furniture something that fits your personal style, check out Amazon’s Furniture Catalog.

Kill Bed Bugs in Furniture

kill bed bugs in furniture
ZappBug kills 100% of all bed bugs in all life stage, including eggs, nymphs and adults. ZappBug heats up contents to above 120F, which scientific evidence shows kills all bed bugs. If you travel, ZappBug will prevent you from bringing bed bugs home by heat treating your luggage and killing any bed bugs that may have tagged along. (ZappBug accommodates both checked and carry-on luggage.)

If you are already dealing with an infestation, ZappBug will get rid of 100% of bed bugs from your household belongings. You can heat treat small furniture, shoes, books, files, papers, clothes, bedding, electronics and most other household items.

(FREE 2-Day shipping or $3.99 1-Day shipping available through Amazon Prime while supplies last.)

Modern “Scando” Family Coffee Table in White

Bed Bug Proof Coffee Table

Get rid of bed bugs in style.  This coffee table is a beautiful, white flowing piece that bed bugs will have a hard time climbing.  It’s also easy to clean with no cracks (where bed bugs love to hide).  Also, you’ll be able to easily spot any bugs on its smooth white surface.

Available on  Modern “Scando” Family Coffee Table in White

Hercules White Chair with Black Metal Legs

Hercules Bed Bug Proof Chair

Don’t spread bed bugs at the dinner table!  These beautiful white chairs allow you to fight bed bugs in style.  Long, powder coated metal legs are virtually impossible for bed bugs to climb and easy to clean.  The beautiful white seats will show any bed bugs that may have transferred from someone’s clothing.

Available on Hercules White Chair

Ikea Modern Multi-Use Table

Bed Bug Proof Furniture Table

This plain white table is difficult for bed bugs to climb and extremely easy to clean.  It’s glossy white finish will make it easy to spot bed bugs left behind by personal belongings.  Also, its size (Width: 39 3/8″  Depth: 23 5/8″  Height: 27 1/2″) makes this table practical for just about anything.

Available on Ikea Modern Multi-Use Table

Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table

Bed Bug Proof Dining Table Furniture

The elegant, curved base of this table will keep bed bugs at bay while delivering a simple elegance to your dining room.  This table measures 40 inches in diameter (just short of 4 feet) and will sit approximately 4-6 people.    If you are looking for bed bug proof furniture, this is one of the best pieces available.  The Saarinen style table is easy to clean and it’s beautiful white finish will show off any bed bugs.

Available on Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table

Check out Amazon’s Furniture Catalog for pieces that fit your style.

Remember that bed bugs have a hard time climbing metal, the fewer the cracks and seam the better, the color white shows off bed bugs, and bed bugs have a hard time climbing smooth surfaces.  Good Luck!

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