Bed Bugs in Hospital Rooms

Going to the hospital is already a stressful proposition, and it can be even worse when you find out that you’ve been exposed to bed bugs there. For a mother in Arizona in June, 2018 it was even worse: after finding bed bugs in her daughters ICU room they were moved to another one where they found yet more bugs. But just how common are bed bugs in hospital rooms?

In this case they were very common – Erin Ortega, the mother involved, checked several hospital rooms throughout the ICU and found bed bugs throughout. Her concern was for the other patients and their families as neither she nor her family had been notified of the bed bugs. She was also dismayed that she and her wife could not spend evenings with her daughter in her hospital room for fear of being bitten herself.

Hospitals are the last place you want to encounter bed bugs.

A visitor to the hospital in Jacksonville, FL in March 2018 found out the hard way that bed bugs aren’t just in the hospital rooms for patients but in waiting rooms as well. After going to visit her cousin who was giving birth Keshawna Marshall found a bed bug on the chair she was sitting on. She soon found herself covered in welts and in the Emergency Room of the hospital seeking treatment. The hospital denied that this was the case, but Marshall documented it as it was happening on her cell-phone.

Not every hospital will deny or try to hide that bed bug infestations happen. The East Alabama Medical Center of Opelika, AL found bed bugs present in February, 2018 and took immediate steps to correct the problem. They had a pest control company ready to go and issued a press release assuring that they contained the infestation. Open transparency about bed bugs in hospital rooms and quick action to treat the problem are the best steps to take. As with any location that large amounts of people move through it’s easy for bed bugs to be introduced, and the faster an infestation is dealt with the better.

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