Bed Bugs in Schools




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Bed Bugs in Schools

How to easily your home may become infested!

Student brings Bed Bugs to School

The School and Backpacks become Infested

School Buses become Infested

Your Child and their Friends become Infested

Your Home becomes Infested

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in schools

Bed bugs can easily spread rapidly throughout schools

With bed bug infestations constantly on the rise it’s more important than ever to be aware of bed bugs in schools and take steps to make sure you can prevent bed bugs from coming home with your children. Bed bugs are frequently found in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Infestations can grow rapidly over the course of a couple days and spread from classroom to classroom, even to school library books.

1 Student’s Backpack


Your Home Could Become Infested

All it takes is one child bringing an infested backpack and leaving it next to others in the classroom and not only are there bed bugs in the school but also in the homes of the children exposed. It can be overwhelming to know that there are bed bugs in schools your children attend.

But don’t worry: there are simple, easy steps you can take to make sure you stay bed bug free.


Heat treat to prevent infestations

You can help prevent bed bugs from spreading

Heat treat your child’s school bag to protect your home

  • Place backpack, jackets, books and other school belongings in the ZappBug Heater

    Remember to remove any items that have low melting temperatures (ex. Crayons, chap sticks, paintings, etc.)

  • Heat treat your belongings at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour

    After your belongings get to 120 it just takes one hour to kill any Bed Bugs!

  • That is it! You have successfully prevented your home from being infested!

Prevention is key when dealing with bed bugs in schools. You won’t be able to control what other children and parents bring to school, but you can make sure that anything your child brings home is safe and free of bed bugs. Once a school is infested you’ll need to be alert and aware to make sure that it does not spread to you. In some cases you may not even know that there is a risk of your child bringing home bed bugs from the school as it can take some time for teachers and parents to be aware that there is an active bed bug infestation.

The most important item you’ll want to pay attention to is their backpack. Bed bugs love to hide in bags and this is the most likely way they will be transported from school to your home. The easiest way to treat backpacks is with heat – simply place it straight into a ZappBug Heater or ZappBug Oven 2 as soon as your child gets home from school and let it run for one hour at 120F. This simple, quick treatment allows you to know that any bed bugs that did make it home are safely dealt with by non-toxic heat treatment. You’ll also want to treat anything else that bed bugs could hide in, such as coats and jackets.

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