subway car

Bed Bugs on the Subway Alarm Chicago

If you ride public transit frequently this is probably your nightmare:…
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Bed Bug Anxiety

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Super Bed Bugs Discovered in Florida

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Bed Bug Awareness Increases

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Pheromones Found in Bed Bug Skins

New research out of UC Riverside has revealed that pheromones…
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Bed Bug Prevention is Key

Make Summer Travel Safe with Bed Bug Prevention As the summer…
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Bed Bug Experts Study Pesticide Resistance

Bed Bug Pesticide Resistance a Growing Concern A group of 80…
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Bed Bugs Favorite Color

New Study Reveals Bed Bugs Favorite Color Who would  have…

Thick Skin Protects Bed Bugs

New Study Shows Bed Bugs Evolving Thicker Skin We’ve been…
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Cats Trained to Kill Bed Bugs

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