Does Cedar Oil Work Against Bed Bugs? NO!

Recently the Federal Trade Commission fined two companies making false claims about cedar oil eradicating bed bugs. And, in our opinion, it’s about time.

Battling bed bugs is extremely stressful and the last thing you need is an unethical company selling you a product that doesn’t work.

Unfortunately there is all too much of that out there. We recently posted a piece on how most natural pesticides are not effective with bed bugs in the real world. Add to that list cedar oil.

If you are going to use pesticides in battling bed bugs, the best option remains certain non-pyrethroid, synthetic pesticides. But it’s important to remember that even with synthetic pesticides, they are at best one helpful tool–not a complete solution. We go into a full discussion of the pros and cons of synthetic pesticides here.


Posted by Andrew Havlis

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