Courthouse Infested with Bed Bugs

A courthouse in Providence, Rhode Island was recently discovered to have a bed bug infestation that was harder to treat then officials initially thought. The Garrahy Judicial Complex was first discovered to have bed bugs in mid-September. After treatment and inspection, bugs were discovered again on September 24th.

Bed bugs on trial?

The first reports of the infestation downplayed the incident, stating that a very tiny number of bugs were found and promptly dealt with. The bugs were described as being on furniture and in the purse of someone in the building. They brought in a pest control company to treat the area concerned and do further inspections of the courthouse. In this case there were some questions about the lack of public notification but the issue was described as being very minor.

The following week another inspection was carried out and the building was declared bed bug free. However, later on that same day it was announced that another bed bug had been found. Officials again stated that the issue was small and the furniture that the bug was found on was promptly disposed of. Unfortunately for the courthouse staff it’s all to easy for bed bugs to enter public areas. If the bugs were in the purse of someone at the court, as stated in the first incident, it’s easy for them to hitchhike in at any time as a large number of people move through the courthouse each day.

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    i read that if you drink alcoholic beverages they can smell it and will not bite, that’s going to turn alot of people into alcoholics, i have had them , gotten rid of everything, and moved again and my children’s school had a case in which they have returned to us, i have used 50% alcohol and it kills them also, vacuuming regularly , i feel like this little army of vamps are so overwhelming. bring back the poison that killed them back in the day . I keep hoping one day i’ll wake up and they will have just disappeared, it is embarrassing , i cannot have a normal life because i am ocd. and it is not good when you can’t have guest over when your too afraid to say i have them little boogers, or afraid they may drop one off at the door for a long uninvited stay . so i for one say lets rid these nasty things , and end everyone’s embarrassment!


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