First Responders Fight Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are increasingly becoming a problem for first responders like firefighters and the police. Because they interact with a diverse cross-section of the population and frequently have to enter the public’s homes as the nations number of bed bug infestations increases so too do the incidents of first responders picking up bed bugs.

It’s gotten so bad that a number of public safety headquarters across the country have had to temporarily shut down to deal with their own infestations. After bed bugs were found in the lobby of the Tulsa Department of Public Safety the office was closed for several days while two separate extermination companies were called in to try and battle the infestation.

First responders are now fighting bed bugs as well as fires

In Detroit the fire fighter’s union filed an official written grievance due to what they said was the fire departments failure to investigate the issue of bed bugs. With the seventh highest level of infestations in the nation, Detroit first responder’s have faced a number of bed bug problems. Public safety headquarters are swept for bed bugs monthly, the Michigan State Police offices have had an infestation, and firefighters and EMS personnel are regularly finding bed bugs. Luckily they are looking into purchasing a heat treatment solution to combat the bed bugs and hopefully will have a resolution soon.

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    I know I have bed bugs, I have seen three. I moved in to an apartment a month ago and the neighbors below me actually took the landlord to court about it and lost and then got evicted. Now I have them. I didn’t have any bites until a week ago now I have at least five new ones a day but I haven’t seen any in a few weeks. I found a new place to live but I don’t want to bring them with me. I can move in as soon as I can. I need to know the best and inexpensive way of going about getting rid of them. I need help as soon as possible


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