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    Alice Valmor

    I have a few questions on the ZappBug Heater which I just received. What happens if the elastic goes past the white line on the heater? Why don’t the knobs on the heater itself move? How long does it normally take for the heater to reach its highest temp? Is there a telephone number I can call to get additional questions answered?



    If the elastic goes past the “Do Not Cover” line on the heater it’s possible that it will interfere with the safety tipover switch on the bottom of the unit, in which case your unit will not turn on when plugged in. If that happens you can just move the sleeve back towards the line and you should see the switch (small black button on the bottom of the heater) is able to depress again when on the floor.

    The knobs on the heater itself don’t move because the heater is designed to constantly run at the same temperature. You shouldn’t need to ever adjust any settings, just plug it in and go.

    Normally the heater takes about 3 hours to reach 120F, depending on the size of the load […]. There are a couple things that might make a difference in how quickly it gets up to temperature. What kind of flooring were you treating on, and how warm was the room you were treating in? Concrete flooring or other cold floors (like tiles) can make it take longer to heat up as they leach heat from the bottom of the unit. If that is the only flooring you can treat on you can put cardboard [or a rug] under the unit to help mitigate that a bit. We also recommend treating in rooms over 70F, as that also decreases the amount of time necessary to heat up the load. You should also always make sure that there is air flow around the unit, especially underneath (using the included support blocks and netting). If your unit is full of things that are touching the sides/top of the unit you may have too much in there.
    Also, make sure you are looking at the “Out” reading on the thermometer, as that is the reading for the sensor you have placed inside the ZappBug. The “In” reading will give you the room temperature.
    If you need more info please call 206-430-5514 and we’ll be glad to help!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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