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    Sarah Jones

    Hello ZappBug!
    What an awesome product. I however don’t have bed bugs, I have a carpet beetle problem. These nasty bugs eat your clothes and furniture and I have tried everything to get rid of them, but you only need one to survive and clothes are ruined again. I’ve tried to look, but I’m not sure there is much scientific research on what temperature kills all stages successfully. Do you know if the oven will kill carpet beetle, adult, larvae and eggs? Do you know if this has been tested or can you test this? I think it would be great if you could certify this product as able to kill carpet beetle as they are just as much of a pest as bed bugs and it would help so many people!



    Sorry to hear that you’re fighting carpet beetles! There hasn’t been much recent research on the matter, but a lot of testing was done in the early 20th century and determined that carpet beetles die at the following temperatures:

    • Larvae: die at 120F after 30 minutes, 125F after 15 minutes, 128F after 10 minutes – according to the USDA in 1923
    • Eggs: die at 125F after 15 minutes, 130F after 11 minutes. – according to the USDA in 1923
    • Adults: less definitive answers are available for this life stage, but Colorado State University suggests several hours above 120F will kill them. [For more information see here]

    The ZappBug line of products gets above 120F and depending on the size of the load you are putting in it (smaller loads get hotter) usually reaches about 140F. We’ve had customers in the past who have bought this to use on carpet beetles successfully. My recommendation would be to treat your belongings for at least 2 hours after reaching 120F for best results.
    Our product has not been certified as able to kill carpet beetles, but we have had independent testing done that verifies we kill bed bugs and reach temperatures over 120F. For more info on that see this link.


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