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    Michael Damon

    How long do things need to stay in the bag for, at 124 F? Are they absolutely sure that laptops, cameras, would be safe at that temperature? Also, do I leave the clothes in the suitcase, or open it, or take the clothes out, to ensure that anything that may or may not be there, is GONE? Would photographs, papers be ok at that temperature, or would they shrivel?



    The industry standard recommendation is to treat items for 1 hour once the bag is over 120F. We’ve had no issues treating electronics (although any film cameras should have their film removed before treating), but we always recommend checking with the manufacturers to be safe. You can leave clothing in an opened suitcase, just fluff the clothing a bit to allow air flow and put the included temperature sensor in the middle of the suitcase so you know the hardest area to heat is getting up to temperature. Papers are always fine to treat without shriveling – the temperature of the ZappBug can best be compared to that of a closed car trunk on a hot summer day. Photographs should also be ok but if any are antique/delicate we recommend using caution.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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