Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment of Your Entire Home

Bottom Line: If you can afford professional bed bug heat treatment, we recommend this method. But you need to take into consideration the factors we discuss below.

The advantages of professional bed bug heat treatment, if done correctly, it is a very effective way to eliminate bed bugs and it saves you from putting in a lot of personal time and effort.

The main disadvantage is that this process is cost prohibitive for most people.  Prices can run over $1000 per room, depending on who you use for the treatment.

Professional  heat treatment of your entire home requires bringing in a team of professionals who use industrial heaters and fans throughout your residence to heat up the entire structure to bed bug killing temperatures. Because the electricity required is so high and would blow the circuits in your home, the heaters and fans are linked to cables that run out your windows and doors to portable generators outside.  With this method you are essentially making your entire home into a giant bed bug oven.

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So one of the methods we recommend for getting rid of bed bugs is professional heat treatment of your entire home.  This is where a team comes in and uses giant generators and fans to gradually heat up your entire home, making it into a giant bed bug oven.  The electricity required to do this would blow the circuits in your home so what they do is they run cables form those fans and heaters to generators outside.

The huge advantage is that it saves you personally a lot of time and effort.  It is very effective treatment is it is done correctly.

The disadvantage is that it’s very expensive, prohibitively expensive for most of us.  It can cost well over $1000 per room depending on what professional you are using and your living situation.  Also, it really has to be emphasized that it needs to be done correctly.  The tricky part of this method is that it’s very difficult to heat up the wall voids in your home.  If those aren’t heated up hot enough to kill the bed bugs, they can survive in those wall voids and re-infest your home.  So, we really recommend that if you use this method you get some kind of guarantee that if you get re-infested they are going to come out and re-heat treat your whole home for free.

Also, there is another big potential problem if you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse.  The big issue is that you may have your apartment heat treated and all of the bed bugs are killed in your individual unit.  But if there are other units in the building and the entire building hasn’t been heat treated at the same time.  If there are other units in the building and those units have bed bugs in them, they can migrate back to your unit and re-infest your unit.  Bed bugs travel through electrical conduits and underneath the little spaces and gaps between floors and walls.  This is actually how my apartment got infested by bed bugs.  I wasn’t doing heat treatment but my neighbor gave me bed bugs.  I am sure that I didn’t bring bed bugs into my apartment myself.  One of my neighbors had bed bugs for a while and they migrated either through the electrical conduits or through little spaces underneath the walls and infected my unit.  That’s something you’re going to have to deal with if you opt for this route.  After you get the heat treatment done in your apartment, condo or townhouse you’re going to have to take some additional steps.  We really recommend you take some additional steps that we outline in the 8-Step Approach.  You won’t have to do everything in the 8-Step Approach but we do recommend some of those steps.  For more details about that take a look below.