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Hard Flooring

Hard flooring, such as cement, wood, linoleum, tile, etc. can absorb heat from the ZappBug unit. This won’t cause damage to the floor but may cause your unit to struggle to get up to kill temperatures (120° Fahrenheit).

Resolve this issue by placing an insulator such as an area rug, cardboard (like the box your unit came in), towels, foam pads, etc. between the flooring and your unit. To test your unit and ensure you have it in the best treatment environment, turn it on while empty. It should take 15-20 minutes to reach 120° Fahrenheit. If it doesn’t reach 120° in 20 minutes please check out the other troubleshooting tips.


If your unit is struggling to get up to necessary temperatures, you may be overstuffing it. Think of cooking a turkey in the oven, the bigger and thicker the turkey, the longer it will take to cook. This is very similar to “cooking” your clothing. We suggest leaving a few inches of a gap between your items and the unit wall, as well as 6-8 inches of clearance in front of the thermal unit so air may circulate around your items. If you are treating thicker items like sweaters or blankets, try to mix in less dense items such as t-shirts and thin cotton.

Hints and Tips – Bed Bugs

Researchers have found that bed bugs at all life stages die quickly at temperatures at or above 120°F.

Bed bug eggs are nearly translucent and incredibly difficult to detect. A best practice is to heat treat all items that may have been in the vicinity of bed bugs even if no bed bugs are found. For pictures of bed bugs and bed bug eggs, please visit

Bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without feeding. It is critical that all potentially infested items are heat treated or, alternatively, sealed and stored for 18 months.

Bed bugs aren’t always found in beds. They can hide anywhere but they are typically near a food source like a bed, chair or couch where we sleep or rest. Bed bugs can flatten their bodies and slip into tiny cracks. They love cracks in furniture, cardboard, bed frames and other convenient spots.

Bed bugs are unable to climb smooth, nonporous surfaces like those lining the ZappBug Heater.

Bed bugs suffer from thermal shock and are immediately unable to move at temperatures above 140°F.

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