Progress Against Bed Bugs in NYC

We were heartened to see this article about bed bugs in New York City.  It’s still a major problem but seems to be somewhat on the decline, in large part do to better consumer education and more proactive city regulations.

New York City launched an education portal about bed bugs. And new rules were put in place, such as requirements that mattresses be wrapped in plastic before being put outside for pick up. And landlords are now required to disclose to tenants problems with bed bugs in the past.

It’s paying off.  Terminix does a bed bug city ranking and back in 2012 ranked New York as #3 down from #1 in 2010.

The battle is far from over. We at ZappBug continue to have many customers from New York City. But it is great to see that the overall trend of bed bug problems in NYC seems to be heading downwards, at least to an extent.

Lessons to be learned from New York are the importance of consumer education and the importance of city regulations that encourage responsible behavior in regards to bed bugs.



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