The Heat Chamber Pro


The Heat Chamber Pro

Maximize productivity with Automated Heat Treatment

with patent pending Power Boost™ Heat Technology
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Runs on two circuits. Perfect for use in hotels, apartments, and more.

View real time results on your mobile device.

Quick to unassembled and transport in easy to carry bags.

Easily treats large furniture including couches and kings size beds.

Provides rapid heat treatment in residential and commercial settings.

Heat treatments are about to get a whole lot easier!

Introducing the new Heat Chamber Pro by ZappBug
Our innovative touchscreen controls, reinforced easy-access chamber, and remote online monitoring combine to provide the solution to all your heat treatment needs and make you love your job.
We designed the Heat Chamber Pro with portability and efficiency in mind. With a re-enforced, detachable floor it’s easy to set up in cramped conditions. Simply place your items on the flooring, then pop-up the frame around them. Save time and energy by treating furniture right where it is!
The Heat Chamber Pro runs on as little as two 15amp circuits – ideal for hotel rooms or other small spaces. Our Patent-Pending Power Boost technology ensures that no matter what configuration you use your unit will get up to temperature quickly.
Customize your desired temperature and time to suit your needs. Simply set your unit using the touchscreen controls. Whether you’re fighting bed bugs, moths, or any number of pests you can set the heat you need to kill them, as well as the circuit configuration that you have available on location.
Three temperature probes attached to the control system will give you live readings throughout the chamber; once you’ve set your desired temperature and time we’ll do the rest.
Once treatment has started you don’t need to stay with the Heat Chamber Pro to know its working. Remote monitoring gives you the freedom to work on multiple treatments at once while still keeping an eye on progress. You’ll receive texts alerts and the estimated time of completion so you can do multiple jobs at once.
Log-in online for a full live report all your Heat Chamber Pro treatments, past and present. You can see each temperature probe’s readings from start to finish. To make your job even easier you can add descriptions of the treatment, pictures, and access full treatment records including mapped locations.
As easy to take down as it is to set up, the new Heat Chamber Pro is the ideal tool for professional heat treatment. With all these features and more the new ZappBug Heat Chamber Pro pays for itself!

ZappBug is excited to announce the new Heat Chamber Pro, featuring patent pending Power Boost™ Technology to provide rapid heat treatment in residential and commercial settings. The Heat Chamber Pro’s touchscreen control gives you the power to customize treatments while displaying real time progress updates and estimated completion time.


  • Touchscreen Display

    with customizable temperature settings which allows you to choose between 2 or 3 circuits and between 15 or 20 amps, the computer takes care of the rest. Also allows you to review and/or edit treatment times and temperatures.

  • Patent pending double insulated flooring

    designed for thermal retention. Has a zipper to easily and quickly attach flooring to shell.

  • Removable top

    for rapid set-up. Features a window for viewing of items during treatment and large door to accommodate mattresses and couches.

  • Remote cellular monitoring Add-on

    Available option for easy set-up remote monitoring. Keeps track of the temperatures, estimated time of completion and alerts you to any changes in treatment status.

Please contact us for any pre-orders or questions.