The 8-Step Approach – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Learn How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Hi, I’m Rose with ZappBug. Do you have bed bugs? My first word of advice to you is DON’T PANIC. You can get rid of them and we are here to tell you just how to do that.

There are several ways you can get rid of bed bugs. The easiest, but most expensive option is finding a professional to do the job for you. This will save you a lot of time and energy. However along with cost those who want to avoid pesticides are often out of luck. Professional heat treatment is an excellent alternative to pesticides and there are many companies that now offer full resident heat treatment, which we highly recommend if you can afford it. Unfortunately, it usually costs several thousand dollars, outside the price range of most people. As an alternative we have developed an 8-step do it yourself approach, that we offer in this video series and the accompany articles on our website. It provides information how you can treat your own items with little cost as possible. Although these 8-steps will require patients and hard work you can rest assure knowing at the end you WILL be bed bug free.

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ZappBug also makes portable heat treatment solutions that work great alongside our 8-step approach. Easy to use, inexpensive, and a great way to save your furniture. Whatever you decide to do remember, DON’T PANIC. You will get rid of your bed bugs and we are here to help you along the way.

Next: We will be moving on to step 1, creating a safe zone. Please click here or check out the link in the description. You can also look at full 8-step approach on our website. Where we include additional information as well as links to all our videos.

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8-Step Approach

Learn how to get rid of bed bugs in 8 steps with this do-it-yourself method. We’ll show you everything you need to know to become 100% bed bug free. Learn more now!

Bed Bug Shopping List

We’ve created a comprehensive shopping list for the do-it-yourself, 8-Step Approach. Find everything you need to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Overview of the 8-Step Approach of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

ZappBug is here to help! On the following pages we have created a free, easy guide to do-it-yourself bed bug treatment. Treating your own bed bug infestation is accomplishable so long as you are willing to put the work in and remain diligent.

Our 8-Step process is a summary of all the techniques we’ve tried and found effective in getting rid of bed bugs. While we include a variety of solutions in the 8-step process the easiest and most cost effective solution we can recommend is heat treatment. Heat treatment has several benefits: unlike with pesticides, bed bugs are not able to acquire a resistance to heat treatment over time, and will die within minutes at 120F. Since this temperature is relatively low it is safe for the majority of household goods. Our ZappBug products are portable and cost effective heat treatment solutions, with the ZappBug Heater ($199 including shipping), ZappBug Oven 2 ($349 including shipping) and the ZappBug Room ($1499 including shipping) available now to easily treat your home. The methods presented throughout the 8-step process can be used in conjunction with these products or by themselves if you find that even the ZappBug is outside of your price range. Professional pest management is also a great solution if this sounds like something you don’t have the time or patience for and if you can afford it. There are a growing number of pest control companies that offer full house (or apartment) heat treatment, and many others who use portable heat treatment solutions alongside chemical treatments. For more information on finding pest control professionals in your area please check our referral page.

We hope that this guide is informative and wish you luck in your fight against bed bugs!

  • Step 1: Create a Safe Zone

    In this step we show you how to make your bed into a Safe Zone, completely free of bed bugs and proofed against re-infestation. This will allow you to get a good night’s sleep without getting bitten and to feel safe in your own bed.

  • Step 3: Dealing with Large Furniture

    This step is a continuation of Step 2 above, but we’ve broken out large furniture into its own separate section because the large size presents unique challenges. We show you how to effectively get rid of bed bugs from your large furniture.

  • Step 4: Use Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous earth is an all natural, powdery substance that acts as a desiccant. It is an extremely helpful tool in both eradicating bed bugs and proofing your home against re-infestation. In this step, we show you how to apply diatomaceous earth in strategic areas in your home to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

  • Step 5: Sealing Cracks and Crevices

    Because bed bugs are so small they can use nearly any crack or crevice as a path of travel or as a harborage to live in. In this step, we show you how to seal up cracks and crevices to prevent this.

  • Step 6: Floors and Walls

    In this step we show how to effectively remove any bed bugs that might be lurking around your floors and walls. We explain how to choose the correct vacuum and carpet shampooer for the job, and we explain proper vacuuming techniques to ensure that you are effectively removing bed bugs and not accidentally spreading them around.

  • Step 7: Consider Using Pesticides

    Pesticides can be helpful in getting rid of bed bugs but it is extremely important to realize that pesticides alone will not eliminate them entirely. At best, they are only one tool in fighting bed bugs. In this step, we look at the pros and cons of pesticide use. If you do decide to use pesticides, we explain which pesticides are most effective and which to avoid.

  • Step 8: Visiting Friends and Family

    A bed bug infestation can feel very isolating. Friends and family may not want you to visit them for fear that you will accidentally bring them bed bugs. In this step we show you a method to guarantee that when you leave your home, no bed bugs are inadvertently tagging along with you. You will be able to assure your friends and family that you are not bringing along any unwanted guests.

Disclaimer: Some of the procedures outlined in this guide may be dangerous and should be undertaken at the readers own risk. Readers should consult all material safety data sheets for any products they use in their own attempts at pest control and consult with the manufacturers of all products regarding best usage practices. This guide should be construed as theoretical advice. ZappBug and its employees will not be held responsible for any injury due to the advice offered herein. This guide cannot be construed as formal advice and ZappBug will not be held liable in any instance of an action resulting from this story. This disclaimer assigns the readers all responsibility for their own decisions.